Many fun experiences available!   Lots of new technology to try!     Green fun as well!
Enjoy your stay in Mauricie to live an extraordinary nautical experience! At the entrance of the Parc National de la Mauricie  200 km of navigable water on the river
Address: 2010 chemin de Saint-Jean-des-Piles, in Shawinigan      Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.   Phone number: 819-692-4473
Take advantage of your stay in Mauricie to come and test our new electrical equipment for water. Bicycles to pedal in the water, accessible for the whole family!





*ATTENTION! Some watercrafts are recent and new to Quebec. The company reserves the right to make a refund if it deems that the rented activity cannot be done safely.

(Depending on weather conditions and physical abilities of the person)


The electric water bike, the Manta 5: The feeling of a road bike on the water

Are you a cycling enthusiast? Are you looking for a new experience? The Manta 5 water bike is the perfect solution! Finally available in Quebec, in the Shawinigan sector, the hydrofoiler is a water bike that replicates exactly the sensation of cycling. You pedal on the water, you have the same sensation of doing it on the road or in the mountains but with the power of electric assistance. With state-of-the-art technology, you will feel all the adrenaline of riding the water and enjoying the surroundings. The aerodynamic and light structure of the bike as well as its electric propulsion technology will allow you to glide on the water with ease and without much effort. You will therefore be able to fully enjoy nature while doing some exercise

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Price: $150 for 1 hour (maximum of 3 hours)

What is it? The Manta 5 water bike is a bike that is not made for cycle paths, but for going on water.

How does it work? Once submerged in water, the user can get on the bike and make it take off. As the speed increases, the bike will begin to rise above the water level of the river.

Who is it for? If you are able to cycle and to swim, the Manta 5 bike will be no problem for you. This bike is easy to use, but it requires good physical condition. With family or friends, water bike rides will leave you with great memories.

The electric bodyboard

The electric bodyboard: Simple, ecological and lots of fun

The Kymera bodyboard is the perfect watercraft to enjoy a beautiful day on the Saint-Maurice River! Powered by lithium ion batteries, our body boards offer an eco-friendly alternative for those who don’t want the hassle, noise or expense of a bulky and heavy jet ski, with the freedom and sensation of a body board. Revolutionize your water adventures with this boat and be ready to redefine the way you navigate the water! Its elegant and ergonomic design allows its user to travel in complete confidence and in complete safety. Glide seamlessly through the water with the effortless power of the electric motor and be ready for an adventure like no other

Come and try it as soon as possible for a unique and exciting experience!



Price: $80 for 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the speed and the weight of the person

What is it? It is a board equipped with an electric motor on which you surf in a lying position. It is a very fun activity that does not require great physical strength!

How does it work? Once lying on the board, a simple hand control on the handle controls the speed of the machine! All you have to do is tilt your body slightly from right to left to control the direction of the board! It’s simple, and so much fun!

Who is it for? Whether you are an undisputed fan of water sports or a beginner looking for a thrilling experience, this board will quickly become your ultimate summer companion!

The water bike, the Red Shark Bike

The water bike, the Red Shark Bike: Paddleboarding and cycling become one


Red Shark Bikes are part of a unique new water sport technology. The perfect mix of the feeling of freedom and the electric push allows those thirsty for new experiences to enjoy moments in the great outdoors right here in Shawinigan! This bike even allows its users to enjoy the Saint-Maurice River while staying dry! The unparalleled stability of the boat ensures the safety of all those who will use it. In addition, the largely elevated position of the individual embarking on the Red Shark Bike ensures that it takes full advantage of a magnificent panorama much wider than on board regular nautical boats!

Price: $80 for 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the speed and the weight of the person

What is it? These bikes are specially designed to allow users to move on water by pedaling thanks to electric propulsion. They are bicycles combined with inflatable paddleboards that allow everyone to pedal through nature on different bodies of water without getting wet.

How does it work? The Red Shark Bike works just like a regular road bike. After boarding the floating board which is very stable, you sit comfortably on the bench of the bike and you can start pedaling!

Who is it for? This fun means of transport does not require very great physical condition. Both young and old can take part in it.


Electric surfing: Where surfers can push their limits

Get ready to live a new surfing experience with eSurf, the revolutionary electric surfboard that gives a new face to aquatic adventure. Electric surfboards are designed to work with lithium-ion batteries allowing riders to glide through any type of water at high speed. You will experience a mix of power, speed and effortless fun while enjoying the magnificent Quebec nature. Easy to use, the electric surfboard is however impossible to forget! Surfing on calm waters is now possible! 

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Price: $80 for 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the speed and the weight of the person

What is it? It is a surfboard equipped with a rechargeable electric motor that allows nature enthusiasts to navigate upright on calm, waveless and windless waters. The combination of battery and turbine keeps the board going!

How does it work? Like surfing, once lying on the board, just stand up in balance on the board and enjoy the moment and the speed! The surfboards are equipped with an electric jet propulsion system activated by handheld remote control and do not rely on wave power for speed.

Who is it for? Accessible to everyone, its user-friendly controls allow you to take control in an instant. Surfing enthusiasts will see their lives made easier and the others will experience guaranteed pleasure! However, this practice will require a certain physical condition and requires a certain physical effort as well.



Electric dock: Want cocooning? A little romantic evening? A relaxed fishing trip with friends?

The same fun as a gas pontoon, but without the noise

Do you want to enjoy the river as a couple, with friends or family? It is now possible to rent an illuminated electric dock that could serve as a place for you to fully enjoy the water as a couple or in a group! Whether it’s to relax, chat or even fish, the electric dock is perfect for your summer activities!

Bohemian atmosphere, small mood lights

You will have access, for a period of 3 hours, to:

  • a floating picnic at lunchtime or suppertime : superb platter to taste: local produce, tartare or guacamole
  • a bluetooth device allowing you to listen to your favorite music;
  • one drink per person.


A special experience that is not available on every street corner! Hurry up to reserve your place for a romantic date or a moment with friends!

No boat license required.

Price : $85/person for 3 hours in private (minimum of 4 people)

$120/person for 3 hours in private (2-3 people)

What is it? A nice little wooden dock, with an electric motor, a solar power supply and cushions and pretty decorations for your pleasure! Things to enjoy an afternoon with family or friends or a romantic meal to share at sunset.

How does it work? You leave the quay and drive: a few explanations and you’re off! It’s very easy to use, no need for a boat license!

Who is it for? Anyone can drive these small electric docks, no need for a boat license, it’s very simple. We take couples, friends and families. Pets are welcome if there is no droppings on the electric dock.

Maximum number of people per platform: it depends on the weight: 4 rugby players or 2 families of 4 with children approximately.