Take advantage of your stay in Mauricie to live an extraordinary nautical experience!

At the entrance to the Mauricie National Park 200 km of navigable water on the river

 Address: 2010 chemin de Saint-Jean-des-Piles, Shawinigan

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Cell: 819-692-4473

An unforgettable summer!

Tons of different activities are available here, right here in Shawinigan!

It’s worth the detour!

Take advantage of your stay in Mauricie to come try out our new water bikes. Bikes for pedaling on water, accessible for the whole family, regardless of your physical condition!

Also offered: rental of electric fat bikes, canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, winter snowshoes and micro-crampons.

We also offer massotherapy services and on-site accommodation options.

Electric fat bikes

Nautical bikes

Pontoon tour

Paddle boards



Water mat

Winter rental
(Snowshoes, micro-crampons, micro-skate skis)

Electric fat bikes : Power and much fun

Whether it’s a beautiful sunny summer day or a winter’s day, electric fat bikes are the new trend! They are bikes with big wheels and big tires, which allow better handling on unstable surfaces like sand, snow, gravel, etc.

The activity is accessible to everyone, especially older teenagers and adults who are thirsty for thrills! You don’t even need to be in good physical condition, because you can manage your effort by modulating the power of the electrical system. Come try it!

What is it? An electric fat bike is a bike with oversized tires assisted by an electric aid. The power of the engine combined with the grip of the tires are the strengths of this bike, allowing it to cross difficult and varied environments. If the cyclist gets tired on the way, the engine intervenes to give him even more power.

How does it work? It is exactly like a bicycle, but adapted to more difficult road conditions, due to the width of the tires and the electric assistance. Usable both in summer and winter.

Who is it for? Do you know how to ride a bike? Do you want adventure? This bike is for you!

Rental price: $50 to $60 for half a day and $90 for a whole day

Half-day city tour:

Rental price: 

1/2 day AM (9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.): $50

1/2 day PM (1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.): $60

One-day city tour:

Rental price: 

Whole day (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.): 90$

Half-day nature tour:

Rental price:

1/2 day AM (9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.): $50

1/2 day PM (1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.): $60

One day nature tour:

Rental price: 

Whole day (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.): 90$

The price includes:

  • Electric bike rental
  • Helmet, padlock and map of the cycle network 
  • Drink (13.5 oz beer or cocktail) Ô P’tit Quai des Brasseurs

* You can bring your own helmet if you want to.



An identity card and a security deposit of $200 will be required for the rental of each bike. They will be returned to you at the end of the activity if no breakage/damage has been incurred.

An itinerary may be suggested to you depending on the duration of the rental and your interests.

Provide clothing and personal effects according to weather conditions.

Where to practise it in Mauricie?

Gentilly Sainte-Marie-de-Blandford River Park

Number of km offered: 17 km

This park, which is a paradise for mountain bikers, has transformed part of its summer trails for winter snowcycling. What an excellent idea that not only makes cycling enthusiasts happy, but will also interest families who like to move.

Mechanically worked, their forest trails are carefully maintained, very well typed, relatively narrow and dotted with valleys and curves. The 2 km family course (#21) is perfect for young children. They’ll love it! There are different routes (3 easy and 1 difficult). As for the difficult 4 km course (#22), it is intended for mountain bike experts as it includes several steep climbs and descents. “Big fun” and adrenaline for mountain bikers.

Schedule: In winter, the reception is open from Friday to Sunday, from 10 am to sunset. Heated community room for warming up or dinner (bring your lunch). Hot chocolate dispenser and toilet.


Trois-Rivières, secteur Pointe-du-Lac

Fat bike trails are maintained with a homemade groomer pulled by a snowmobile

Ski-Doo Tundra.


The Mauricie National Park
Shawinigan, Saint-Jean-des-Piles sector

Number of km offered 16 km

La Mauricie National Park offers an enchanting setting for cycling on snow. The activity is offered at the following locations:

  • On the access road and loops F and G of Rivière-à-la-Pêche campground; on trails number1 et 11 (10 km)
  • On the Promenade route between the Saint-Jean-des-Piles reception and interpretation centre and the Rivière-à-la-Pêche service pavilion (6 km). Access to the other trails of the winter network as well as off-piste skiing is prohibited.

To gently increase the level of difficulty and feel more in touch with nature, trail #11, accessible by first crossing part of the cross-country ski trails, allows you to ride in the forest on trails that are still very wide, but with more curves, climbs and descents. A charming cabin with a wood stove allows you to rest a little on the course.

The most skilled will have a lot of fun on track #1 around the campgrounds. Very narrow and dotted with many steep curves and fairly steep hills, it will appeal to mountain bikers. The less experienced can still go at their own pace, but will sometimes need to get off their bikes to get through some passages.


Club Mauricycle
La Tuque.

Number of km offered 16 km

The Fat bike trails start from the welcome chalet of the La Tuque Rouge Cross-Country Ski Club. Three trails are developed and maintained for snow biking. Fees apply for rights of way. Approximately $10 per day or $50 for the season (Rates subject to change).


Le Baluchon Éco-villégiature
You can access the Baluchon trails for an access fee of $13/person on weekdays and $15/person on weekends


Vallée du Parc
Shawinigan, secteur Grand-Mère

Number of km offered: 8 km

In partnership with Brunelle Ski Vélo, the Vallée du Parc team has developed trails for cycling on snow.


Parc de l’Île Saint-Quentin

Number of km offered: You can try cycling on snow on Île Saint-Quentin!


Rates and schedules

20/hour for 1 hour of electric Fat bike, $60 for the day

For rent all year round.

Nautical bikes

Nautical bikes: Cycling on the water, an unusual experience you should do!

Water bikes are watercraft that recreate the feeling of riding on the road, but in the water! The following models and human powered, without electrical assistance. Come try them!

Shuttle bike
(For families)

(For expeditions)

(for sportsmen)

What is a nautical bike?

Are you tired of cycle paths? Come and enjoy a brand-new concept finally available in Quebec: the water bike! Synonymous with relaxation, fun and even fitness on the water, water bikes allow you to enjoy lakes and rivers, even when the water is cold!

How does it work?

The models differ, but the principle remains globally the same: a seat, pedals, a propulsion mechanism, and guaranteed fun!

Who is it for?

Small families, young people, teenagers, adults, etc. And no need to be in exceptional physical shape, everyone can use them. It’s easy… like riding a bike!

Rates and schedules for rental:
  • Water bikes: 35$ per hour
  • Rented from June to October, every day, between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m


Would you like to buy a water bike? Contact us and we will order it for you.


The hydrobike is a very stable water bike, suitable for the whole family.

The Hydrobike is a premium water bike made in the USA and synonymous worldwide with safe family fun and fitness on the water. Hydrobikes Inc. is the original manufacturer of water bikes, the leading innovator of water bike drivetrain technology, and the leader in water bike sales since the founder invented the pedal powered Hydrobike in 1989.

Propeller powered for the fastest performance

The Hydrobike is a real bicycle that runs on water. You pedal like a bicycle. When you pedal, you spin a 12-inch-long, high-efficiency underwater propeller. Each turn of the pedal rotates the propeller 9 times. The Hydrobike is faster than canoes or kayaks. You can go forward or backward. You can ride in less than 12 inches of water with no problem and you can ride in 4 foot waves without tipping over.

Safe, stable and robust

The Hydrobike is remarkably safe, even for children. Safety proven for over 25 years, extreme stability, 400 lb flotation and unsinkable pontoons made of rigid materials. More stable than a paddle board, kayak or canoe, Hydrobikes do not require balance, special skills or riding ability. Hydrobikes are so stable and stable that jumping off the Hydrobike to swim and back on board is easy. Everyone from kids to seniors love our Hydrobikes!


Water biking is an innovative and environmentally friendly activity that is rapidly growing around the world. They are not motorized, they are human-powered, they travel 4-6 km/h, they are silent and do not disturb nature. Hydrostatic bikes are a concrete way to make a difference without making any sacrifices. Get close to nature and better yet! DO NOT produce GHGs.

Peace and quiet

This water bike is very quiet when in use, which also makes it ideal for trolling and observing wildlife and aquatic life. A subtle hum from the drivetrain is all you hear while pedaling. The quiet motion and stealth of the Hydrobike also make it a great little fishing boat. Custom mount rod holders are available.

What is it?

This is a bike that goes on water! Whether it’s for fishing, for a walk or for having a good time with the family, the hydrobike is a bicycle equipped with two platforms on buoys. There is someone on the bike of course, but there can also be children on the platforms of the buoys!

How does it work?

It’s like a bicycle! Just pedal!

Who is it for?

 The hydrobike is extremely stable on the water, so everyone can use it without any problems.

Rental price

$35 / hour

Purchase price

$2599 + Tx

shuttle bike

Shuttle bike: Cycling, but not on the road!

Cycling on water is now possible! The shuttle bike is part of a new technology that allows the road bike to ride on water! Securely attached to two large buoys equipped with an underwater propeller, the shuttle bike can sail like a ship! The buoys inflate and deflate very easily and can be stored in a backpack! Canoe-camping enthusiast? You can now bike on water-camp! 

Don’t wait any longer book now!

What is it?

 It is a bike that can run on water and is transportable in a simple backpack! It is a system allowing the bike to fit between two easily inflatable and deflatable buoys and therefore to float on the water and the propulsion is ensured by a propeller placed at the front.

How does it work?

How does it work? The propulsion system begins with a pivoting roller/gear mechanism that attaches to the frame and adjusts to contact the rear wheel when the bike is used on water. From there, the power is transferred by means of a flexible transmission chain to the gear / propeller / rudder assembly attached to the nose wheel. The propeller/rudder allows you to steer with the handlebars – you can do a 360° turn in place by turning the handlebars 90° in either direction!

Who is it for?

 Athlete looking for new experiences? Vacationer wanting to enjoy nature? Everyone can enjoy the shuttle bike, if you are able to ride a bike.

Rental price

 $35 / hour per person

Purchase price

$2500 + Tx without the bike


  • Batería: 25,9 V – 15.600 mAh – 333 Wh
  • Velocidad variable: 10 velocidades hacia delante y 3 hacia atrás.
  • Autonomía: hasta 6 horas a baja velocidad y 1,15 horas de uso continuo a máxima velocidad.
  • Aproximadamente de 4 a 5 horas para cargar una batería agotada con un cargador estándar Bixpy 3A.
  • Tipo de fuente de alimentación: Ion de litio recargable
  • Peso de la fuente de alimentación y del propulsor: 4,1 kg.
  • Indicador intuitivo del estado de la batería.
  • Totalmente sellado e impermeable.
  • Conector de salida de 5 V y 12 V (máx. 3 amperios) para cargar teléfonos y accesorios de operación.
  • El interruptor magnético desactivado detiene el motor instantáneamente cuando se desconecta.
  • La batería y el mando a distancia flotan para facilitar la recuperación.
  • Hélice con sistema de transmisión por cardán impermeable.

* La GARANTÍA no cubre:  Mal mantenimiento del seguimiento. Rasguños y abolladuras, corrosión de los pedales y asientos, montaje incorrecto, instalación de componentes, piezas o accesorios no diseñados para ser compatibles con las bicicletas Red Shark vendidas. Daños o mal funcionamiento debido a accidente, mal uso, abuso o negligencia.

Precio : 10000$+Tx


Funcional, fácil de transportar

No hay necesidad de inflarlo

Puede ser transportado con un portabicicletas convencional, adecuado para todos los vehículos

Sin necesidad de montaje/desmontaje

Integra ruedas para facilitar su deslizamiento

La plataforma central está diseñada para evitar que los pies se mojen.

Puede utilizarse durante todo el año sin necesidad de protección contra el agua.

Tres volúmenes de flotabilidad garantizan una gran estabilidad.

Incluye un compartimento impermeable (llaves del coche, cartera...)

Máxima estabilidad Sin pinchazos

Nunca baja presión sobre piezas flotantes

Un simple enjuague con agua fresca es todo lo que se necesita


L’aquaskipper : Jumping on water is now possible!

Watch out, there is action! Now you can fly above water with the AquaSkipper! A jumping motion propels you forward while the hydrofoil gives you lift. This concept allows you to move on the water, without a sail or engine, with the sole force of your legs.

You will continue to move at a maximum speed of 17 miles per hour over water, where drag is low. However you use it, the AquaSkipper is fun and a great way to exercise.


It's what?

The Aquaskipper strongly resembles a bicycle whose wheels have been replaced by small aluminum floats called foils. They have the same profile as an airplane wing or a dolphin tail.

How it works?

The exercise is quite complete since the impulses are done through the arms and legs. If the most stressed muscles are the quadriceps, all the arms + shoulders as well as the legs from the glutes are involved.

Who is it for?

It is a very complete sport and a great way to keep in shape. You must know, however, that this activity remains very physical and that it requires certain basic physical capacities.

Rental price

 $35 / hour per person

Purchase price

$450 + Tx

Paddle board

Paddle board : Float, paddle and enjoy the beautiful nature

Discover the ultimate sliding experience with our paddle boards!

Imagine yourself gliding on the water of the Saint-Maurice River, the wind in your hair, in perfect harmony with nature. The paddle board offers you stability and maneuverability, allowing you to navigate with confidence through the magnificent landscapes of Quebec.

Its solid and light construction guarantees a smooth experience. Do not miss this opportunity to experience freedom and adventure with our paddle board. Join the community of water sports lovers and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the water.

Book now!

What is this?

 Paddle boarding is an activity performed on an inflatable board in a standing, sitting or kneeling position. A paddle allows its user to move forward.

How does it work?

 Just get on the paddleboard, find your balance and start using the paddle alternating from left to right to be able to move forward in a straight line.

Who is it for?

 Whether you want to do yoga, a walk alone, as a couple or with friends or simply enjoy the time on the water in the summer while relaxing, the paddle board will suit you perfectly. Anyone who can swim can do this activity!

Rental price

$15/ hour per person


The canoe: Following the rhythm of nature

Saint-Jean-des-Piles is the canoe village! This is the only canoe rental place available in the area! Discover the Saint-Maurice River in an adventure full of fun and exercise thanks to the canoe! Paddle while admiring the splendor of the Quebec panorama and create unforgettable memories with us! Immerse yourself in the heart of magnificent landscapes, observe the local fauna and let yourself be overwhelmed by the serenity of the moment.

Don’t wait and reserve your place now!

What is this?

 The canoe is a light boat equipped with small benches where several people can sit. The canoe advances thanks to human mechanical power and simple paddles.

How does it work?

Armed with your paddle, it is important to know that when rowing left, the canoe goes to the right and when rowing to the right, the canoe goes to the left. All you have to do is coordinate and move forward while enjoying the calm of nature around you.

Who is it for?

 Anyone who can swim and has no problem paddling for several minutes can enjoy using a canoe.

Rental price

$15 for the 1st hour and a supplement of $5 per additional hour (+Tx).

 Water mat

The water mat: Aquatic fun right underfoot

The water mat, acting as a raft, is fun for the whole family. Laughter and unforgettable memories await you while enjoying this activity during the summer! All members at the same time can take advantage of this unusual boat and you won’t want to disembark!

Book now!

What is this?

 It is a mat made of a dense foam that does not absorb water.

How does it work?

 Everyone gets on the mat and has fun on it freely.

Who is it for?

 Anyone can get on the mat and it’s even perfect for young toddlers!

Rental price

$60 for 3h

Pontoon tour

Pontoon tour (boat driver included): The comfort of a ride on the water will put a smile on your face

Whether it is to have a drink with your friends, to simply relax or to fish, let yourself be guided and relax with the fully equipped pontoon tour driver included.

Let yourself be charmed by this cabin-boat type floating craft. This magnificent pontoon, all glazed over the water, can be rented as floating accommodation at the entrance to Parc de la Mauricie or even be used as a boat to discover the St-Maurice.



  • Charming little outdoor terrace with velvet chairs and BBQ, 
  • dining area, 
  • very modern, 
  • sofa, 
  • micro-kitchen and small fridge.
  • Chemical toilet in the boat.
  • Gasoline included.

Let yourself be lulled by the sounds of nature in this unique boat.

Entire bathroom available at reception.

200 km stretch of water

Electric boat rental services, electric bikes available on site.

Maximum number of passengers: 6 people

Hours of availability: 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Private pontoon rental with driver: $150 for 1 hour, $220 for 2 hours, $300 for 3 hours.

*Come relax on the Saint-Maurice River on our luxurious pontoon (with driver) and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of Quebec’s nature.


Package of 2 hours of meals on the water in a private pontoon: $300 for 2 people, $45 per additional person

*A unique dining experience on the water: a meal that will stay in your memories for years to come! Don’t miss your chance to live the extraordinary experience of eating a delicious meal while sailing on the water!

*The pontoon tour including the meal on the water includes:

-A local meal, tartar or guacamole

-1 drink and music

-Possibility of fishing rod


The kayak: Paddling in the middle of nature is the activity you should do this summer!

The kayak is a boat that could allow you to explore the Saint-Maurice River from top to bottom in fun and exercise! Paddle and observe the magnificent Quebec nature surrounding you and you will have unforgettable memories with us!

Don’t wait and reserve your place now!

single kayak

for one person


Double kayak

(Perfect for couples)


Expedition kayak

(For adventurers)


Pedal kayak

(For fishing or just a new experience on the water)


Fishing kayak

(For fishing enthusiasts)


What is this?

The kayak is a boat propelled using a double paddle which is watertight to the paddler by a skirt which covers the legs of this one

How does it work?

Enter the boat, your buttocks firmly in the space reserved for them and your legs slightly bent. Simply paddle alternating sides of the paddle strokes to move forward in a straight line.

Who is it for?

Anyone who can swim and has no problem paddling for several minutes can enjoy using a kayak.

Rental price

 $10 for the 1st hour for a simple kayak and a supplement of $5 per additional hour (+Tx).

$10 for the 1st hour for a simple kayak and a supplement of $5 per additional hour (+Tx).


Tenemos hermosos carriles para bicicletas cerca. La región es conocida por el ciclismo de carretera, gracias a los famosos Défis del Parc, un evento que permite a los visitantes atravesar el impresionante Parque Mauricie.

Los carriles para bicicletas locales se pueden encontrar aquí:

15 por una tarde ($10 para los clientes de alojamiento)

25 por día ($15 para clientes de alojamiento)

Winter rentals


$10 for the day



$10 for the day 

If there is less snow, or more ice, you will prefer micro-crampons, which are more comfortable!


 Skate micro-ski

Rental price

 $10 for the day

What is it?

 It is a very small ski that fits right under your winter boots. It is perfect for skiing on small unevenness, and it can even be used on ice!

How does it work

You put them right under your boots and you let yourself slide!

Who is it for?

 Everybody can use them.